Before You Visit Happy Lamb, Here Are a few Things to Know About Hot Pot Hot Pot has got a long History.

"Hot pot as the perfect reprieve from the winter cold, it is especially nice to warm up the body (and the soul). The teaming broth and strong spices to "drive away the chills and improve circulation." However, with its variety of broths and foods, hot pot is nutritious and delicious enough for you to enjoy all year round!"



NEW to hot pot!

1. Choose broth.
choose a combined half & half broth or single broth, depending on the size and tastes of the party
2. Order the delectable food
order the delectable food from the menu, including thinly sliced tender lamb and beef, handmade meatballs, seafood, greens, dumplings and noodles
3. Place all in the broth
The herbs and spices in the chicken broth will give flavor to everything when the ingredients are cooked to their liking
4. Dipping sauce
Optional dipping sauce will elevate the tasting sensation to your tasting buds further more.



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